10 Graphic Design Trends for 2021: Experimental Art Arises

Jan 14, 2020
Graphic Design Trends


Welcome to PCB Social Media Arts, your go-to digital marketing agency specializing in delivering outstanding results and staying ahead of the curve. In this article, we unveil the top 10 graphic design trends for 2021, putting a spotlight on the exciting emergence of experimental art.

The Power of Graphic Design

Graphic design plays a pivotal role in business and consumer services, especially in the digital marketing arena. It goes beyond aesthetics; it communicates messages, defines brands, and evokes emotions. Keeping up with the latest trends is essential to stay relevant and engage your target audience effectively.

1. Experimental Art

Experimental art is set to dominate the graphic design scene in 2021. This trend encompasses bold and unique design approaches that push boundaries and challenge traditional norms. It allows designers to unleash their creativity, resulting in visually stunning and thought-provoking artwork that captures attention.

Experimenting with unconventional color combinations, typography, compositions, and visual elements creates a distinct visual language that leaves a lasting impression. Embrace experimentation, and you'll stand out in a crowded digital landscape.

2. Minimalist Designs

While experimental art pushes boundaries, minimalist design continues to flourish. The power of simplicity should never be underestimated. Minimalist graphics strip away unnecessary clutter, focusing on essential elements to convey messages effectively.

Utilize negative space, clean lines, and crisp typography to create elegant designs that exude sophistication. Less is more, and minimalist designs carry an air of modernity while conveying clarity and professionalism.

3. Bold Colors

In 2021, bold and vibrant colors take center stage. Ditch the muted tones and opt for eye-catching hues that capture attention instantly. Colors have the ability to evoke emotions and create memorable experiences.

Embrace daring color palettes that reflect your brand personality and resonate with your target audience. Let your graphics speak loud and proud, leaving a lasting impact on users' minds.

4. Typography Evolution

Typography has come a long way and will continue to evolve in 2021. Stray from the conventional and experiment with diverse typefaces, sizes, and styles to inject personality into your designs.

Custom fonts and hand-drawn lettering add an authentic touch, while bold and dynamic typography demand attention. Typography serves as a powerful design element that can enhance the message you want to convey.

5. 3D and Mixed Media

Adding depth and dimension to your designs creates an immersive experience for users. Incorporating 3D elements and mixed media brings visuals to life and diversifies your graphic design portfolio.

From interactive illustrations to augmented reality, harness the power of technology to create engaging and captivating visuals that captivate your audience.

6. Digital and Print Integration

In an increasingly digital world, bridging the gap between digital and print design has become vital. Seamless integration ensures a consistent brand presence across various platforms.

Designers should create cohesive visual identities that can seamlessly transition from digital screens to physical print materials, ensuring a unified brand experience for customers.

7. Nature-Inspired Designs

As people yearn for a connection with nature, incorporating organic and nature-inspired elements in graphic designs has gained popularity. From floral patterns to earthy color palettes, nature-themed designs evoke tranquility and create a sense of harmony.

Tap into the power of nature's beauty and infuse it into your visuals to resonate with audiences looking for a breath of fresh air and a touch of serenity.

8. Retro and Vintage Vibes

Timeless aesthetics inspired by the past never go out of style. Retro and vintage designs inject nostalgia and charm into contemporary layouts, creating a unique blend of old and new.

Utilize retro color schemes, vintage typography, and classic design elements to transport users back in time while adding a touch of individuality to your brand image.

9. Authentic and Inclusive Imagery

In today's diverse world, representation matters. Brands are embracing authenticity and inclusivity in their graphic designs to connect with a broader audience.

Integrate diverse and inclusive imagery that reflects the real world. Whether it's showcasing people from various backgrounds or representing different body types, authentic visuals foster a stronger emotional connection with users.

10. Motion Graphics

Digital platforms are constantly evolving, and motion graphics provide an engaging way to capture users' attention. Movement can bring your designs to life, convey complex messages, and create memorable experiences.

From animated logos to interactive infographics, leverage the power of motion to elevate your brand's digital presence and maximize user engagement.


As we embark on a new year, embracing these 10 graphic design trends for 2021, with a special focus on experimental art, will set you apart from the competition. PCB Social Media Arts is here to help you unlock the full potential of your brand through innovative and trendsetting graphic design solutions.

Contact us today to discover how we can transform your digital marketing strategy and elevate your brand image to unparalleled heights.

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